Pure 5.10 release: strengthening the foundation of Pure

Steps towards greater Pure Portal configurability

The Pure Portal now allows a Person or Organization to have greater control over what is visible on their Profile Page, including the ability to control the visibility of Metrics (H-Index and Citations), Secondary Affiliations and the Collaboration Map as well as options to highlight content (Research Outputs, Activities, etc.) on Profile Pages. This means researchers and departments can have more control over their public profiles and may feel more ownership of data in Pure.

Reporting Module Redesigned – Beta release

Increased insights from the new Reporting Module

We are continuing building out the full feature set in the powerful new Reporting Module by releasing updates monthly.

Because advanced reporting has been made easier, you are now able to provide more powerful insights to the campus community - allowing everyone to make better, data-driven decisions.

Updated Assessment Modules

Keeping our Assessment Modules up to date

The 5.10 release includes continued development of various assessment modules, including ERA2018 (Australia) and SEP / KUOZ (The Netherlands).

Usage analytics

Starting with Pure 5.10, more detailed tracking of Pure usage is enabled in all Pure implementations through Adobe Analytics and Talkback.

Understanding how users are interacting with Pure helps the Pure Product team to improve the features that matter most to you. We comply with all data privacy regulations and the collected data is appropriately anonymized. We will not collect any content from your institution.

From the 2018 February release, we will start to share the usage analytics within your Pure installation with you.

Research Output unification

With the October release, we have taken a big step towards having one unified data model across all Pure clients by the end of 2017, namely by unifying the Research output data model.

This has a minimal effect for most clients (e.g. a changed order of one or two fields in an editor), however this update gives us the ability to be more flexible and efficient with future development of Pure.