Release 4.18 brings reporting and easy management of your researcher's ORCIDs

February 2014

Create, manage and report on your researcher's ORCIDs

Create, manage and report on your researcher's ORCIDs

  • Link your ORCID license to Pure and automatically create and verify ORCIDs within Pure
  • Monitor your researcher's use of ORCIDs within Pure and create reports of the content linked to them

Report more precisely on papers published outside of your institution

  • Import your researcher's complete publication history and clearly label content that were written outside of your institution
  • Take advantage of the new labels to provide transparent reports on research written inside or outside of your institution, or combine them for a full overview of your researcher's publication history

Additional enhancements now in Pure enable you to:

  • Save time when modifying large quantities of content through a new bulk editing option
  • As a researcher, view citation information and get a better overview of  you content via an enhanced personal user page
  • Streamline the content you see on dashboards through new keyword filtering