Award Management

July 2013

Now available in Pure, Award Management enables researchers, research administrators and research development professionals to track, monitor and manage the entire research grant life cycle, from current funding opportunities, applications and their success rates, to awards and the related projects.

PURE AM Applications Screen

  • View and search across funding opportunities within Pure.
  • Ensure that the correct approval is given for funding applications, including limited submission grants, by creating your own internal approval routes based on your own organizational hierarchy and pre conditions.
  • Facilitate timely processing of applications with approval status tracking and ensure each approval stage has a user assigned to it.

Pure Milestones

  • Get the complete picture of projects with user specific overview screens. Record and track time spent on a project against the awards related to that project, then create milestones and receive notifications, in Pure and your electronic calendar, before they are due.

Research Intelligence

Define targets to help achieve strategically important goals with Research Intelligence. Create or use predetermined research performance indicators, including 8 of the 10 Snowball Metrics and set targets for the various internal organizations, then share the status of these targets as a report or via dashboards.

View high-level summaries of the targets via personalized lists or dashboards

  • View high-level summaries of the targets via personalized lists or dashboards with the new research performance indicator, collaboration and Snowball Metrics widgets and drill down to person or project level. With the click of a button, turn your dashboards into reports with the option to include complete details on the specific area of interest.
  • Create your own widgets and centrally distribute personalized dashboards to different Pure user groups to give them a uniform, real-time overview of key metrics.
  • Support your data governance efforts within Pure through its unique use of new, fully configurable keywords functionality. Import standard taxonomies or create your own to be used across all content types related to your organization: Persons, Organizational Units, Grants, Outputs and more. Use your keyword structures for increased thematic support in reports and when exhibiting research publicly at a level not previously possible within Pure.

Graph of Relations

  • Dynamically visualize working relationships between researchers with the new collaboration feature in the Graph of Relations and collaboration widgets in the dashboard.

Additional enhancements now in Pure enable you to:

  • Manage compliance with your funder's Open Access (OA) requirements with Pure's new feature for recording OA availability, along with any associated costs.
  • Provide a consistent look and feel on all downloaded PDFs from within Pure with the new coversheet option. Add your institutional logo, copyright information and current document citation counts, along with the title of the paper and names of the authors.
  • Save time when managing system notifications within Pure though the improved messaging interface, which includes the option to schedule when a message is posted or removed from Pure.
  • As a user, never miss another important system notification by specifying which messages trigger email reminders.