Pure roadmap (a preview of things to come)

Our purpose with Pure is to help you unlock the full research potential at your institution by easing the administrative burden associated with research management. We are continuously working on new features and functionalities based on community feedback and evolving market needs to ensure Pure remains up-to-date, healthy software.

Pure is focused on helping you and your university so that you can:

  • Create and maintain a complete system-of-record for all of your research  information (e.g. by making data import, capture, curation and linking in Pure smarter and easier)
  • Gain insights into your research activity and outcomes (e.g. through smarter reporting and dashboarding in Pure)
  • Optimize your research management processes (e.g. through a flexible award management process an improved user experience in Pure)

To learn more about how to use all the existing and new functionality in Pure, you can attend classes at the Pure Academy. Our New and Noteworthy release training webinars from previous Pure releases can be found on the Research Intelligence YouTube channel. Details on past releases can be found here.

Below is a preview of the things to come in Pure.

Pure 5.12, June 2018

With Pure’s June 2018 release we work towards meeting our commitments to our customers for new functionality and ensuring the continued stability of the Pure technology platform. This release also renews our focus on improving usability and efficiency for both researchers and administrators.

Proactive and Automatic Scanning

Researchers will benefit from improvements to our automated scanning service, which notifies users when new publications are detected that are likely authored by the user.  Researchers will no longer have to configure this scanning service themselves: Pure Administrators will be able to turn on this service (based on ID matches) across the entire organization, making it simpler to keep profiles up to date with latest available publications.

Focus on the Personal User

This release will make it easier for the Personal User to work with the feed of notifications and updates. The content relevant to researchers will become more visible on their homepage, and to help the researchers be more efficient, these notifications will become actionable where relevant.

Enhanced Portal Configurability

In 5.12, we will be updating the experience of the personal user in showcasing themselves and their work on the Pure Portal and releasing configuration options that allow for more customized institutional branding. These updates include a widget that highlights particular researchers on the Pure Portal homepage, as well as making statistics on downloads and publication per year more visible. With the customizations, you will be able to better tailor your Pure Portal to your institution’s brand standards.

Enhancements to Award Management

To allow you more flexibility and configurability around managing types and subtypes in Pure the Award Management workflow will be updated. This will make the award management workflow more customizable and fit better with your established practices.

We will also be integrating with full Economic Costing tools and with an ethical review management tool to supplement the application process flow and to reflect and connect to the ethical review and approval process.

National Assessment Module Updates

UK REF Updates: We have been working with the Pure UK User Group to define the REF2021 module development requirements for 2018 based on the submission guidance available.  In this version we expect to deliver the first major phase of development in June 2018.

KUOZ: We will complete the final phase of new KUOZ development for Dutch customers, delivering support for KUOZ Table D (Research Activities).

Additions to the New Reporting Module

With new data visualization features, the 5.12 release will enable you to more easily gain insights into your institution's research activity and outcomes. The additional content types that are made available in this release will increase the interconnectedness and value of the data you report on.

Canadian Common CV Improvements

In this release Canadian users will benefit from our improved alignment with the Canadian Common CV template.

Integration into the Network of Research

In order to improve the interaction between Pure and SciVal and make your setup of SciVal more efficient, from version 5.12 you will be able to export your organizational structure as built and maintained in Pure for import into SciVal.

Pure in your Language

The 5.12 release will include updates to the English text of Pure in many areas, as well as a review of the Danish UI (as our oldest non-English interface) to make sure the translation is correct and current. In addition, many items of customer feedback are being reviewed across all UI languages to improve translation quality

Pure 5.13, October 2018

Easier Data Imports

With the 5.13 release, you will be able to search across all online sources including Scopus, PubMeb, and Web of Science for research output (depending on your subscriptions) in one search. We will also continue work on making automated scanning more accurate and easy to use and on adding new import sources, such as ORCID.

Focus on the Personal User

We continue our focus on the Personal User in the October release, with changes including updates to their homepage, making it more action-oriented and relevant to their current needs.

Portal updates

You will see further developments that allow you to customize your Pure Portal to your institution’s needs. This release will bring an improved ability to filter results, deeper Plum integration and the ability to share on social media.

Sharing Reports and Insights with Colleagues

With this release we will add report-sharing functionality, enabling you to create and disseminate standard report templates and visualizations based on your data in Pure.

Supporting the Researcher

In the October 2018 release we will revamp our Award Management architecture to provide more flexibility in its workflows, empowering users to better model their business processes in the module. The focus will be on making active management of the research process more relevant to the researcher, helping to optimize use of their time.

National Assessments

With 5.13 we will continue to update the UK REF2021 module as well as other assessment modules based on submission criteria from the relevant government bodies and user group feedback.


This release will give you added tools to better manage the text and translations in your Pure. We aim to simplify the process of reporting a text problem and to benefit from the suggestions of your peers.

Pure 5.14, February 2019

The 5.14 release will focus on simplifying Pure implementations so that new clients will find it easier to get the system up and running for your institution. By making the implementation less complex we hope to get you started with Pure more quickly, so you can access the insights and value from your data earlier.

This release will also include major updates to usability for both researchers and Pure Administrators. Our goal is that everyone will require less time learning how to use Pure,  so you can spend more time on the work that matters to you.

REF2021 developments will continue based on feedback from the UK user group.