Benefits for researchers

Researchers make up the vast majority of Pure users and as such Pure provides an unparalleled facility for them to organize, track and showcase their achievements online with minimal manual intervention.

Reduce the administrative burden up front by integrating a wide range of data into researchers' profiles

  • Pure creates the bulk of researchers’ profiles by integrating institutional systems such as HR, student administration, finance and award management  and automatically retrieving publications from a variety of databases
  • Researchers can add supplemental data on activities, projects, impacts, CV data and many other areas to extend the picture of their expertise, ensuring reporting is based on current and complete information and making them even more discoverable by potential collaborators, both internally and externally
  • Pure minimizes manual entry by linking data from one section to another section of the system – i.e. an awarded grant can be later linked with a project without the need to re-enter the details of the grant
  • Pure helps researchers stay organized by providing lists of recent actions and alerts for tasks requiring additional action
  • Institutional repositories are automatically populated with content researchers enter into Pure

Example Researcher Profile

Easily create multiple CVs with a push of a button

  • Save time building CVs by including any content from Pure including publications, grants, projects, activities, impacts, esteems, co-authors and more
  • Researchers have complete control of what is included in their CVs, and can customize headlines and free text sections to personalize the content
  • Pure simplifies CV maintenance by updating sections automatically whenever relevant content is added to Pure
  • Export the CVs as a .docx or .pdf for easy inclusion in grant applications

Researcher screen : CV Output

Save time and increase data accuracy through validated publication imports from a variety of online sources

  • Researchers can search for and import publications automatically from numerous sources such as Scopus*, Web of Science*, PubMed, Embase*, Mendeley, ArXiv, Worldcat*, CrossRef, JournalTOC, CAB Abstracts and SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System
  • Automate searches across the online sources to ensure profiles are comprehensive and up-to-date, and verify publications before they are added to profiles
  • Enrich data records through manual edits to outputs, projects and esteems via dedicated templates in Pure, or ask clerical staff or other admin users to manage the records on the researcher’s behalf

*Subject to data subscriptions

Search for and import publications automatically

Easily track applications, awards and research projects

  • Researchers can monitor the full range of their grant activities such as pre-application cases, pending applications, awards with financial overviews, related projects, rejected grant applications and more
  • Satisfy funding body policies and local administrators by providing overviews of all content related to research projects
  • Organize projects over time - start with a project and link additional content types such as related applications and awards,  collaborative partners, budget and expenditure, time tracking, publications and more as they become available

Researcher Project overview

Get a panoramic view of research activity and collaboration

  • Dynamically visualize and showcase relationships between researchers, grants, projects, outputs, equipment, events, journals, external collaborators and more, through a researcher’s graph of relations
  • Pure also visualizes the relationships between each faculty member and their collaborators, including co-authors of applications or publications as well as partners on projects

Graph of relations

Showcase accomplishments and attract potential collaborators by promoting research activities and expertise networks to the public

  • Enhance the visibility of researcher profiles via automatic publishing of achievements on the institution’s web pages and Pure’s external portal
  • Stimulate collaboration and expertise identification both internally and externally through Pure’s Experts Portal
  • Only authorized content is displayed, ensuring confidential information remains confidential - users can choose to make information in Pure publically available, restricted to a specific IP range, restricted to Pure users on campus, or restricted to authorized users and editors

Experts Portal - Researcher Page