Benefits for research managers

Pure collects and validates research information in one place and in real time. Researcher managers, research administrators and research development professionals are often required to track and analyze this information and Pure makes it easy for them to do so through flexible reporting and dashboards.

Track, monitor and manage the grant lifecycle

Research Managers Reports

  • Enter funding opportunities into Pure so researchers can link them to related applications for transparent reporting
  • Ensure that the correct approval is given for funding applications, including limited submission grants, by creating your own internal approval routes based on your own organizational hierarchy and pre conditions
  • Facilitate timely processing of applications with approval status tracking and ensure each approval stage has a user assigned to it
  • Monitor progress by tracking the success rates of awards received at the researcher, departmental or institutional level
  • Provide funding sponsors with information regarding publications, press clippings, collaborations and more related to the awarded grant via Pure’s project options

Get the complete picture of individual projects with user-specific overview screens

Research Manager Approval route

  • Record and track time spent on a project against the awards related to that project, and then create milestones
  • Receive notifications in Pure and in your electronic calendar before milestones are due

Get a panoramic view of research collaboration

Research Managers Dashboard

  • Gain insights into your institution’s research partnerships with organizations worldwide
  • View your collaborations in a variety of different ways to uncover patterns and identify opportunities for new partnerships
  • Dynamically visualize relationships between researchers, projects, outputs, grants,  external collaborators and more through the graph of relations
  • Oversee internal and external collaboration to help ensure effective teamwork
  • Assess collaborations for individual groups, departments, schools or your whole institution and filter the visualizations by content types such as projects, research activities, outputs and press clippings

Experts Identification

Research Manager PURE AM Milestones Screen

  • Identify experts for internal review committees
  • From research teams for grant applications
  • Pinpoint similar experts to find new research publications of interest

Help achieve performance goals by defining targets and tracking research progress over time

Researcher Managers REF Editor

  • Create research performance indicators and define targets for the various internal organizations by date ranges (calendar, academic and fiscal year)
  • View high-level summaries and analyses via personalized lists or dashboards and drill down to person, org. unit or project level. With the click of a button, turn your dashboards into reports with the option to include complete details on the specific area of interest
  • Centrally distribute personalized dashboards to different user groups of Pure to give them a uniformed, real-time overview of key metrics

Save time preparing returns for national assessment exercises

Research Manager Collaboration map

  • Easily produce returns for the following national assessments using the research information aggregated in Pure and automatically deliver all required data to the external submission system
    • UK: Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014
    • Denmark: Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) initiative
    • Australia: Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)*
    • Netherlands: Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP)*
  • Create and distribute reports on all relevant data to key stakeholders
  • Ensure the best possible REF2014 results for your institution by modeling mock returns of researchers’ papers against various Units of Assessment (UoA) and generating predictive scores

* Support in development

Build tailored reports to analyze the achievements of researchers, teams, departments or custom-defined groups

Research Manager Collaboration map

  • Create and distribute reports on any content in Pure using real-time validated data
  • Generate reports for a wide range of purposes such as promotion and tenure evaluations, departmental and institutional assessments and other requirements
  • Produce reports that meet your specific needs by incorporating table, graph, matrix and list views and exporting the reports in multiple formats
  • Save time by scheduling reoccurring reports to run at specific time intervals and Pure will automatically email them to your predefined distribution lists