Pure Roadmap

The Pure development team are continuously adding new features and functionality to Pure based on our customer feedback and to meet evolving or changing market requirements. The introduction of the Faculty and Academic Activity Reporting functionality is an example of direct customer feedback.

You can find training to help you take full advantage of the features in Pure in The Pure Academy training classes.

Our New and Noteworthy webinars from previous Pure releases can be found on the Research Intelligence YouTube channel.

Below is a preview of the things to come in Pure.

Please note that as with all roadmaps, the features and timings may change.

New Web Service

Our June release (5.9) will make it easier to report on, gain insights from, and extract data from Pure.

New web service

Pure is seen as the source of trusted data on campus, and our web service tools have always made moving your data into other campus systems possible. But as we expand the global customer base, we want to ensure our web service keeps up with the ways data stored in Pure is being used.  The changes we’re planning for the Pure web service fall within a number of different themes:

Use cases

The primary use case for the Pure web service is the ability to reuse data gathered in Pure,  typically either on other websites, such as department pages, or in other IT systems, such as for business intelligence reporting.

To make it easier to use Pure’s web service for these use cases, we plan to make three primary updates:

  • Introduce a simpler and more consistent query interface. This change will be most prominent for the users of the REST web service.
  • Introduce an easier-to-understand output format which is concise yet still complete.
  • Introduce a JSON format to specifically cater for reuse of Pure data in websites.

Improved documentation

Making the Pure web service easy to use for developers is a key objective, and we plan to use principles of empathic API design, e.g. Swagger.io. This will also result in a complete overhaul in the documentation accompanying the web service.

Access control & security

The Pure web service delivers many different types of data and often has many different types of clients. With the new Pure web service, it will be possible to control which parts of the Pure data model each authenticated web service user can access so you can protect confidential data.

Release plans

The new June 2017 version of the Pure web service will not be backwards compatible. However, the current version of the web service will be supported until June 2018 in order to allow a controlled transition.

Reporting Module Redesigned – Technology preview

Reporting Module Redesigned – Beta releaseBeing able to run reports is a primary use case for Pure, and running a report should be as easy as using a spreadsheet. We’ve spent the last 18 months gathering feedback from our user community around the current reporting module and looking at ways to make it more intuitive.   The redesigned reporting module is designed to help you create data stories that are more accurate, complete and engaging.

How the updated Reporting Module works for you:

  • You can quickly show the underlying data behind a report with just a few clicks, saving time and revision rounds. If a stakeholder has questions about the source data or wants to better understand how you arrived at a specific insight, you can immediately view the primary data in Pure.
  • You can easily share reports directly from Pure with a private link. Instead of sharing an offline format like Excel or PDF via email, your stakeholders can see a live version. This works regardless of their access to Pure, which is only needed to view the underlying data.
  • Because advanced reporting will be easier, you will be able to provide more powerful insights to the campus community allowing everyone the proper permissions to make data-driven decisions, not just senior administration.

The new Reporting Module will be released as a beta version in parallel with the existing module. It will be available to all customers who currently have the Reporting Module so you can play with it without interrupting your current workflow.

Our goal is to make reporting in Pure understandable, predictable — and fun to use!

Updated Assessment Modules

Updated Assessment ModulesWith a strong focus on ensuring high data quality, Pure is often used to deliver the data needed for various assessment and compliance exercises. In a number of cases this can be handled by leveraging the reporting module, but dedicated bespoke national assessment modules are also available.

For these national assessment modules, Pure is committed to delivering updates as submission requirements are published. For the June release, our focus will be on ERA2018 (Australia) and SEP / KUOZ (the Netherlands), and we will start to plan for updates to the REF2021 (UK) module as initial decisions are published mid-2017.

Data Model Updates

Our October release (5.10) will focus on strengthening our foundation for increased configurability and future innovation.

Data Model Updates

A strong data model is a key part of the foundation of Pure, so updating, maintaining and extending it is always a priority. Over the past few releases, we have been going through our data model and updating and extending each content type one by one, so we can deliver new functionality faster.

In 2017, we expect to complete updates on the Research Output/Publication and Equipment content types.

The Research Output/Publication content type is a central part of the data model in Pure and has received a number of updates already, including extended functionality to capture Open Access information. This last remaining update is focused on ensuring that the data model is the same across all of our customers, rather than country-specific. You will also get new configuration options such as the ability to decide which templates you want to make available.

The 5.10 release will also feature updates to Equipment/Core Facilities. Based on community feedback, we will make it easier for customers to showcase and share equipment resources through the Pure Portal, and run reports to demonstrate the research outcomes of investment in facilities. For those who already have Equipment/Core Facilities this means improvements to where your existing data is kept; those without will gain access with this release.

Pure Portal updates – more granular configuration options

Pure Portal updates – more granular configuration optionsWe continue to extend the Pure Portal with new features to ensure that it persists as a market-leading tool for academic showcasing, finding collaborators and networking.

The Pure Portal configuration options will expand to include tools for individual researchers to tailor their profiles, delivered in a series of releases starting in October.

Reporting Module Redesigned – Full release

Reporting Module Redesigned – Full releaseIn October 2017, we will fully release the updated Reporting Module.

Updated assessment modules

Unifying the research data modelThe October release includes continued development of various assessment modules, including ERA2018 (Australia) and SEP / KUOZ (the Netherlands).  With the expected publication of the initial decisions on REF2021 (UK) mid-2017, we will work with the Pure UK User Group to define development priorities going forward into 2018.

Our February release (5.11) will focus on improving user efficiency, and making it even easier to use Pure as your institution’s system-of-record for research information management.

As part of improving efficiency, we are working on Import Module updates (making it easier to import data and integrate to other systems), better tracking of your user engagement with different parts of Pure so you can demonstrate how Pure is used to your stakeholders, and Award Management Module enhancements.