Global Trends in Institutional Research Seminar

Good institutional research practices can help a university showcase strengths and better understand the full picture of activity on campus. When you fully understand all the researcher-related activity on campus, you can make more informed decisions that can help guide your research strategy.

This seminar will provide insights on overcoming the most pressing challenges that research managers and institutional research professionals face. Learn how to improve your institute’s ability to establish, execute and evaluate research strategy and performance via:

  • Best practices around collecting, storing and reporting on research-related data
  • Global strategies on data management and how to showcase your research information management system on campus.
  • Solutions to illustrate the full spectrum of academic activities on the researcher, research center or departmental level

Additionally, this event will give you a chance to build your professional network, with both local and global universities.

When: July 28, 2016

Location: Osaka University

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Welcome Remarks

Yoshiko Kakita, Regional Solutions Manager, Research Management (Japan)

Academic & Government


Opening Address

Prof. Masao Ikeda, Osaka University Deputy Director of Office of Management and Planning


Pure at Northwestern University

Ruth Allee, Manager, Northwestern Scholars, Northwestern University, USA


Morning  tea break


IR in Osaka Univ. and How Osaka Univ. uses pure

Dr. Takahiro Saito, Professor, Head of Institutional Research Section, Office of Management and Planning, Osaka University

Tomoko Ohya, Ph.D, Chief Research Administrator / Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Office of Management and Planning, Osaka University


Institutional Research as a Global Trend

Kelechi Okere, Global Pure Sales Director




Pure Introduction

Yuki Tsuneyoshi, Research Management Solution Sales Manager


In-depth Pure Demo

Adam Goh, Pure Regional Solution Sales Manager


Afternoon Tea Break


Q&A Panel Session

Moderator: Kelechi Okere


Product Road Map

Adam Goh, Pure Regional Solution Sales Manager



Yoshiko Kakita, Regional Solutions Manager, Research Management (Japan)

Academic & Government

Note: Attendance is free and includes a networking lunch as well as tea breaks, but advance registration is required.

Who should attend?

The session is intended for University Leaders, Research Managers, Research Administrators and Institutional Research professionals.

Why should you attend?

  1. Learn about global trends in institutional research.
  2. Understand how research management tools like Pure can support a comprehensive IR strategy and support goals around improving research performance.
  3. Hear about how leading institutions including Northwestern University in the US are using Pure for showcasing and reporting.
  4. Network with industry colleagues and meet the global team behind Elsevier’s Pure.

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