Pure Community Portal

Finding the right subject area experts to work with can mean the difference between good and great research. Once you've found them, the correct introduction can make or break the partnership. That's why we've built the Pure Community Portal. It provides an effective way to identify and contact subject area experts across a specific group of research institutions, for collaboration and partnership opportunities.

  • An easy-to-use, searchable website which features active university researchers within a region or state, the Pure Community Portal helps foster partnerships between local universities and businesses to increase economic growth and promote innovation.
  • It helps universities showcases their expertise to stimulate both local and global collaborative partnerships and attract new research talent to the region.
  • A portal can consist of new or existing institutions with public Pure Portal*, which can then be searched in a single, intuitive interface.

Find the experts you need quickly


  • Locate potential collaboration partners in various ways – search by concept, researcher name or free text
  • Get only the most relevant results to your search. The Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™ accurately matches your search terms to each individual researcher's Fingerprint.
  • View each researcher in detail, including deep publication history, awarded grants, co-author networks and their full research Fingerprint.
  • Get in contact with relevant experts in a fast and convenient way. Simply select the researchers you would like to work with and your request is simultaneously directed to central co-ordinators at each institution.

Benefits for local governments/states

  • Help boost regional economic growth with strategic partnerships amongst local universities and between businesses and local universities
  • Promote the region as academically talented and innovative
  • Provide local businesses with an easy way to locate academic expertise for innovative research

Benefits for universities

  • Showcase the research talent of the university to a larger community to encourage new collaboration opportunities and attract new researchers.
  • Formally track and manage the collaboration process

Benefits for researchers

  • Showcase their work and areas of expertise to a global audience to attract collaboration partnerships
  • Easily identify like-minded researchers for strategic research collaboration