Case Study: How Elsevier helped COVID-19 researchers connect globally

Pure brings researchers together during a pandemic.

As the coronavirus outbreak spread worldwide, a team in India working on cancer therapies realized that their immunology research might be able to help with COVID-19 treatments. But how would they find the right research partners necessary to advance their clinical proposals?

In this case study, learn how Elsevier technology and tools like the Coronavirus Research Hub and the Pure Research Collaboration Tool are playing a role in the battle against COVID-19.

  • In search of collaborators, Dr. Vishal Rao was able to quickly locate a distinguished virologist in Atlanta with the help of Elsevier’s Research Expertise and Collaboration tool
  • The data-mining technology in Elsevier’s Fingerprint Engine enabled the team to zero in on COVID-19 studies relevant to their work
  • These tools helped the team take on the challenge of sorting through an endless stream of data to identify the research and connections that mattered most

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Using Elsevier’s COVID-19 Research Expertise and Collaborations tool, we saw how the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine was incredible in being able to link key research terms to relevant research work.

—Dr. Vishal Rao, Regional Director of Head Neck Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery and Associate Dean of the Centre of Academics & Research of the HCG Hospital Network, Bangalore, India

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