Pure - Research Excellence Framework 2021

Elsevier’s integral role in the REF process

In 2011, HEFCE held a tender process to determine which supplier should provide citation data for the journal articles that would be submitted to the REF. According to REF Deputy Manager, Vicky Jones, “The two things that we were looking for were accuracy of the data and breadth of coverage.”

There was keen competition, but Elsevier was ultimately judged to be, “The best deliverer in both of those respects… able to provide accurate data with broad coverage of the journals that were likely to be submitted to the REF.” Consequently, Elsevier won the tender and Scopus was named the principal bibliometric provider for the REF 2014.

More information

For more information on Elsevier’s role in the REF 2014, read the case study “Embracing the REF: Supporting research excellence in the UK and beyond.”

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