Knovel helps engineers reduce costs

Engineers are continually striving to reduce costs in order to demonstrate growth and remain competitive. With Knovel, engineers have access to a wide array of essential information and interactive tools to determine the best path forward in a relatively short amount of time - so teams can execute projects more quickly and achieve cost efficiencies.

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  • Reduce man hours by making insightful and reliable information
  • Address operational challenges faster, reducing design and development costs, including consultant fees
  • Reduce design iterations, testing cycles and overdue schedules
  • Improve process automation and control, and maximize equipment and assembly line reliability, limiting plant shutdowns
  • Prevent recurring costs from premature re-designs

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"[Knovel helped us] reduce design and fabrication cost by >50%." Engineering Technology Leader

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74% of users in Health, Environment and Safety positions use Knovel to save money in HSE projects.*

*Source: 2017 Survey conducted via TechValidate

What our customers say

Find out how Knovel helped reduce analytical lab budgets at a specialty chemical company.

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Reducing analytical lab budgets during the assessment process to eliminate design of experiments

A global chemical company wanted to create new materials for its polymer platform and tasked chemist James Elmont with the project. The project involved finding and evaluating high performance, cost- -effective and biodegradable polymers within budget.

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Discover how Knovel helps engineers from diverse industries to reduce costs.

How Knovel works

From essential engineering information and technical reference content to interactive tools, mobile capabilities and multiple integration options, Knovel helps engineers, students and educators find answers in less time wherever and however they work.

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Why else should you choose Knovel?

In addition to reducing costs, Knovel enables engineers to operate more safely and supports operational efficiency and effectiveness. In Academia, Knovel helps students build knowledge that prepares them for engineering careers.