Knovel helps engineers improve safety

Engineers need critical data to ensure compliant, safe and continuous operations. In R&D, for example, where only one in three new products makes it through to successful commercial launch, identifying and correcting previously unknown risks, and developing safe production is paramount.

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Knovel helps engineers across industries to:

  • Improve process safety with authoritative insights from AICHE/CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)
  • Perform effective risk analysis
  • Respond to and anticipate necessary changes in order to limit product failures due to performance, health, safety, environmental and regulatory reasons

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"Just a few months after the tanks were installed, a standard safety check revealed that they were undergoing corrosion at an unexpectedly fast rate … The data our engineers found on Knovel led us straight to the root cause of the problem, which we’d been struggling to pin down." Chemical Manufacturing R&D Executive

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73% of surveyed Knovel Downstream Oil and Gas users agree that Knovel helps with managing and adhering to health, safety and environmental concerns.*

*Source: 2017 Survey conducted via TechValidate

What our customers say

Learn how Knovel helped a manufacturing engineer solve a serious corrosion problem in a product vessel, improving the safety of the operation and making it easier to maintain product quality.

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Using Knovel to prevent corrosion in a pressure vessel improved safety and maintained quality

An R&D executive at a chemical manufacturing company explains how Knovel helped provide a solution that enabled his engineering team to pinpoint the root cause of a corrosion problem in their product vessels. As a result, they were able to implement a process change in time to avoid substantial contamination costs.

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Discover how Knovel helps engineers from diverse industries to improve safety.

How Knovel works

From essential engineering information and technical reference content to interactive tools, mobile capabilities and multiple integration options, Knovel helps engineers, students and educators find answers in less time wherever and however they work.

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Why else should you choose Knovel?

In addition to helping engineers improve safety, Knovel supports operational efficiency and effectiveness and enables engineers to reduce costs. In Academia, Knovel helps students build knowledge that prepares them for engineering careers.