Knovel helps engineers operate more efficiently and effectively

Knovel provides faster access to answers, better data discovery and a more tailored experience so that users can more quickly address engineering challenges.

For example, in Chemical R&D, access to comprehensive chemical properties data on important topics, such as thermodynamics and safety, provide key inputs on material selection for new product development quickly and efficiently.

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As a result, engineers can make faster, more confident decisions with regard to reducing corrosion risk, mitigating failures and ensuring regulatory compliance. More broadly, Knovel provides:

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"[Knovel helps] reduce man-hours (and hence, cost) for searching information from elsewhere. The reliable sources from Knovel also help to reduce the need to cross check with external consultants for our engineering design." Customer Project Engineer

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80% of Chemical R&D users saved at least one day of project time using Knovel*

*Source: 2017 Survey conducted via TechValidate

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Discover how Knovel helped a production engineer at a clean-technology energy company solve a scaling problem, enabling accelerated market entry.

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Solving a scaling challenge to develop a more energy-efficient process for heavy oil extraction

A clean-technology energy company had patented a cleaner, more energy-efficient process for heavy oil extraction. However, in the research around scale-up, potential problems with line erosion and pump cavitation arose. Information from Knovel was used to find the correct pump type and operating conditions, enabling accelerated market entry for the optimized process.
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How Knovel works

From essential engineering information and technical reference content to interactive tools, mobile capabilities and multiple integration options, Knovel helps engineers, students and educators find answers in less time wherever and however they work.

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In addition to supporting operational efficiency and effectiveness, Knovel enables engineers to operate more safely and reduce costs. In Academia, Knovel helps students build knowledge that prepares them for engineering careers.