Knovel helps educators and researchers prepare students for engineering careers

In order to prepare engineering students for success in their chosen careers, researchers and educators at academic institutions must apply the best and most innovative modern teaching and mentoring methods.

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Knovel was designed to support engineering curriculums, providing:

  • Early exposure to industry-trusted tools that extend engineering knowledge and productivity
  • Tailored search workflows and smart access to engineering insights and answers that help students to:
    • Develop capabilities in information literacy
    • Integrate multiple knowledge streams
    • Develop creative problem-solving capabilities
  • A unique training environment, including dynamic content, trusted references, scientific literature and industry best practices
  • Access to research tools that help students apply their world-class knowledge in the real world, preparing them for successful careers both inside and outside of academia

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"Knovel’s online technical resources are the first place we look—and we let students and faculty know that." University of Buffalo Librarian

What our customers say

Discover how Knovel helped École Centrale Paris to instill best practices in finding and using reliable technical insights for applied engineering problems.

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École Centrale Paris: Instructing engineering students to pursue concepts with the global impact of design in mind

Ecole Centrale Paris students found Knovel very useful and much more efficient than other tools they wanted to use (i.e., Google, journal articles, etc.) in finding the solutions they needed — and the students’ professor was also impressed by the power and efficiency of Knovel.

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Learn how Knovel helps researchers and educators prepare students for engineering careers.

How Knovel works

From essential engineering information and technical reference content to interactive tools, mobile capabilities and multiple integration options, Knovel helps engineers, students and educators find answers in less time wherever and however they work.

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Why else should you choose Knovel?

In addition to helping students build knowledge, Knovel enables engineers to operate more efficiently and effectively, improve safety and reduce costs.