Accelerate productivity without compromising operational excellence

While in academia, researchers and educators report ever-increasing demands of productivity, requiring them to juggle their research alongside efforts to increase their institution’s profile and funding, as well as administrative and teaching responsibilities.

Relying on a few trusted handbooks and searchable databases for data and insights is no longer enough. To truly win the productivity race, you need decision-support information solutions that:

That’s why engineers turn to Knovel. Designed specifically to address the needs of industry and academic organizations, Knovel enables customers to:

Operate more efficiently and effectively

Operate more efficiently and effectively - Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Knovel provides faster access to answers, better data discovery, and a more tailored experience to successfully address these challenges.
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Operate more safely

Operate more safely - Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Knovel provides the critical data that engineers need to ensure compliant, safe and continuous operations.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs - Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Using Knovel, engineers can also increase savings by reducing design iterations, testing cycles and overdue schedules, improving process automation and controlling and maximizing equipment and assembly line reliability.

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Build knowledge (for Academia)

Build knowledge (for Academia) - Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Knovel helps facilitate the use of information, empowering faculty, teaching staff and librarians to create academic programs and partnerships that strengthen institutional reputation, and better train students with the knowledge and skills required to secure employment in engineering.
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What our customers say

Using Knovel to prevent corrosion in a pressure vessel improved safety and maintained quality

Using Knovel to prevent corrosion story - Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Knovel helped a chemical manufacturing company to pinpoint the root cause of a corrosion problem in their product vessels, enabling them to change a process in time to avoid substantial contamination costs.
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Streamline a major bottleneck
in data processing

Streamlining a major bottleneck story - Workflow Integrations, Continuous Access, How Knovel Works, Knovel | Elsevier

An engineer from an oil and gas company used Knovel to write a program to automate the handling of the calibration data saving work hours and money.

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How Knovel works

Knovel helps engineers, students and educators find answers in less time wherever and however they work:

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