Ensuring business continuity and operational excellence in downstream oil and gas

Refining and petrochemical companies face changing product specifications, demand, regulations and increasing operational costs – and how they adapt to constant pressures can make or break their competitiveness and profitability. To succeed, these companies must focus R&D and operational improvements on production efficiency to get more output from a barrel of oil, and improve their bottom line – all while ensuring their processes are cleaner, safer and more economical.

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Knovel provides the necessary scientific, technologic and engineering information to discover and operationalize new and proven approaches – helping downstream oil and gas companies build competitive advantages in terms of catalysts, plant designs and processes and technologies for reducing operational bottlenecks and downtime.

Knovel helps oil and gas companies reduce costs and adhere to ever-changing regulatory requirements

74%* of surveyed Knovel downstream oil and gas customers in Health, Environment and Safety positions use Knovel to save money in HSE projects. while 73%* agree that Knovel helps with managing and adhering to HSE concerns. According to our customers, Knovel helps to reduce costs in the following top three areas:

  • Reducing consultant fees
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Plant efficiency

Additionally, 68%* of surveyed downstream oil and gas customers agree that Knovel helps increase plant efficiency.

*Source: 2017 Survey conducted by TechValidate

What our customers say

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"Knovel was a trusted resource for collaboration across a global team of engineers and was used to make key decisions for a highly complex manufacturing process." Anoush Taline, Principal Process Engineer and Team Lead

See how a process engineer turned to Knovel to help identify and evaluate cost effective approaches to debottlenecking the plant, avoiding shutdowns and saving millions.