Data, answers and insights that enable confident investment in oil and gas exploration and production

Today’s oil and gas companies have an absolute need to reduce costs across the development chain. in this volatile and highly competitive market, Knovel helps oil and gas companies identify new technologies and materials to improve construction and completions, and minimize downtime and work-overs while identifying engineering technologies and materials for optimizing production and improving rates of recovery throughout the life of the field.

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Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

68%* of upstream oil and gas customers saved at least 12 hours in a single project using Knovel, with 15%* of customers said Knovel saved them weeks of time in a single project.

According to these customers, the top three ways that Knovel benefits the business are:

  • Saving time (time to market, problem solving, risk mitigation)
  • Operating more efficiently
  • Operating more effectively

Knovel also helps upstream oil and gas customers to reduce consultant fees, and achieve cost savings in equipment maintenance and process control and automation. And, 94%* of surveyed customers agree that Knovel is reliable and helps facilitate knowledge growth.

*Source: 2017 Survey conducted by TechValidate

What our customers say

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"Information from knovel helped to resolve major bottleneck in the company's data processing."

When an engineer at an oil & gas company wanted to automate the extensive calibration process, Knovel helped him write a program that saved the company time and money.