Helping Equipment Manufacturers to reduce costs, decrease delivery times and improve vendor support of post-sale life cycle management

Demand increases projected in the construction, energy and resources sectors has not translated into a direct boost to equipment purchases, and, although a rise in procurement is expected in the next years, customers are facing pressure from tighter budgets and project timelines.

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The most successful equipment manufacturers are responding to this challenge by expanding the capabilities of products, extending the life cycle of equipment with improved quality of materials and automated servicing infrastructures, and eliminating manufacturing and logistics inefficiencies to enable fast, cost-effective solutions.

Knovel supports these approaches with integrated, interdisciplinary information and actionable answers that enable engineers to:

  • Identify untapped value in the product landscape
  • Merge knowledge from different specialties to design, construct, test, evaluate and troubleshoot next-generation product capabilities in record time
  • Access best practices and regulatory documentation that allows equipment manufacturing companies to evaluate operations, uncover efficiencies and areas requiring quality improvement
  • Make well-informed decisions about restructuring processes to pass cost savings on to customers

90%* of surveyed Equipment Manufacturing
                customers Knovel - Who Uses Knovel, Knovel |Elsevier Solutions

90%* of surveyed Equipment Manufacturing customers use Knovel to develop new products and improve engineering outcomes.
*Source: 2017 Survey conducted via TechValidate

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Equipment Manufacturing

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Design Engineer customer story - Equipment Manufacturing, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

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"Knovel provided resources that documented a production hardware phenomenon we were trying to characterize for risk, which helped reduce uncertainty." Design Engineer, Global Defense Company

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