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Researchers and educators at academic institutions face ever increasing demands of output. Oftentimes, academics are expected to juggle cutting-edge research in their field of expertise, collaborations and partnerships that increase institutional profile and funding, and administrative responsibilities, as well as teaching and mentoring in modern training programs that prepare students to succeed in their chosen career.

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Designed for tailored search workflows and smart access to engineering insights and answers, Knovel is an ideal tool for academic institutions, providing:

  • Support for funding and grant requests: Interdisciplinary breadth combined with Knovel’s intuitive user interface lets users conduct agile information searches, giving researchers an edge in constructing impactful research programs
  • A unique training environment for students: With dynamic content, trusted references, scientific literature and industry best practices, students can develop capabilities in information literacy, integrating multiple knowledge streams and creative problem-solving, preparing them for their careers ahead
  • Early exposure to industry: That engages and equips students with applied engineering and research skills that extends knowledge and productivity

How providing students with early exposure to industry extends engineering knowledge and productivity? Engaging and equipping students with applied engineering and research skills.

Preparing students for engineering careers

Hundreds of thousands of professors, researchers and students from top engineering schools worldwide rely on Knovel, including leading universities for Mechanical, Aeronautical, Chemical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Knovel helps engineering students save time, incorporate technical information into their work and expand their knowledge. Plus, using the same engineering tools and resources as professionals in the field allows students to be better prepared for a technology-driven workplace and highly competitive job market.

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Preparing students for engineering careers - Education & Research, Who Uses Knovel, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

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Ecole Centrale Paris story - Engineering, Design & Construction, Knovel |Elsevier Solutions

École Centrale Paris: Instructing engineering students to pursue concepts with the global impact of design in mind

Knovel helps École Centrale Paris prepare students for a career in engineering, instilling best practices in finding and using reliable technical insights for applied engineering problems.

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