Supporting continuous operational improvement in chemical production

When only one in three new products make it through to successful commercial launch, determining solutions for identifying previously unknown risks and developing safe production is paramount.

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Knovel provides engineering decision support that helps chemical R&D companies tackle these challenges by providing visibility on substance suitability for specific applications and best practice data important to piping, chemical engineering and processing and EHS compliance.

Additionally, 63% of surveyed Knovel chemical R&D
            users - Who Uses Knovel, Knovel |Elsevier Solutions

Additionally, 63% of surveyed Knovel chemical R&D users agree that Knovel helps reduce engineering risk.

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Reducing analytical lab budgets - Solution story, Chemicals, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Reducing analytical lab budgets during the assessment process to eliminate design of experiments

A global chemical company wanted to create new materials for its polymer platform and tasked chemist James Elmont with the project. The project involved finding and evaluating high performance, costeffective and biodegradable polymers within budget.
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