Knovel supports growth, profitability and market differentiation in chemical production

Market competition, risk, budget limitations and environmental, health and safety regulations are key concerns of chemicals companies as they strive to maximize their efficiency and quality of production – and giving customers what they need when they need it is critical both operationally and financially.

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Engineers at top chemical companies worldwide turn to Knovel to help them to innovate and achieve continuous operational improvement. Built on a deep understanding of the engineer's 'language', Knovel's specialized search is an extremely simple yet powerful way to deliver relevant insights and answers. Knovel helps chemists and engineers:

  • Diversify and expand product portfolios
  • Achieve optimal production levels and minimal plant disruptions
  • Deliver new and differentiated products that can be scaled and commercialized
  • Maintain EHS compliance and mitigate risks
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge on market-shaping trends such as green chemistry and advanced materials


Design and maintain chemicals facilities for EHS compliance with Knovel and Engineering Village.


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Learn how Knovel supports Chemical R&D - Chemicals, Who Uses Knovel, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Chemical R&D

Engineers on chemical R&D teams face increasing development and production challenges, from the search for suitable substances to meet specific applications to the need for best practice data to compare against internal measurements. And Knovel can help.

Learn how Knovel supports Chemical R&D

Discover how Knovel supports Chemical Manufacturing - Chemicals, Who Uses Knovel, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers are charged with reducing plant and manufacturing costs, and mitigating EHS risks with plant designs and systems. Knovel helps by providing manufacturing and engineering staff with access to design change examples, materials property data operational best practice insight, and more.

Discover how Knovel supports Chemical Manufacturing

What our customers say

Reducing analytical lab budgets during the assessment process to eliminate design of experiments

Reducing analytical lab budgets - Solution story, Chemicals, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

A global chemical company wanted to create new materials for its polymer platform and tasked chemist James Elmont with the project. The project involved finding and evaluating high performance, costeffective and biodegradable polymers within budget.

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Global diversified chemicals company updates automation systems and saves investment costs

Global diversified chemicals company updates automation systems - Solution story, Chemicals, Knovel |Elsevier Solutions

After a process hazard analysis, a diversified chemicals company believed that an upgrade of automation systems was needed. However, using the comprehensive resources in Knovel, the engineer in charge could successfully implement a second assessment that showed the expensive upgrade could be avoided.
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