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Markets of the Aerospace & Defense Industry have slowed down in recent years, and although there is increasing demand for defense solutions—and commercial air traffic is expected to rise by 6–10% each new year—global military and aerospace spending faces budget uncertainties and time constraints.

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In this competitive market, customers are looking to these companies to provide greater value and faster delivery on purchases, which presents a significant hurdle in an industry characterized by high-cost and highly- -specialized products and services.

  • Assess and pursue innovative technologies, either internal or from third parties, that augment the value of their existing product lines
  • Discover a wealth of information on best practices, process management, risk assessment and manufacturing innovation that can be leveraged to streamline operations and build a value chain that delivers on client needs
  • Expand their company’s global reach by facilitating worldwide knowledge management and information exchange with an increasingly international clientele

91%* of surveyed Aerospace & Defense customers use
            Knovel - Who Uses Knovel, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

91%* of surveyed Aerospace & Defense customers use Knovel to develop new or improved design products, meet compliance and regulatory requirements or get up to speed.
*Source: 2017 Survey conducted via TechValidate

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Design Engineer customer story - Aerospace & Defense, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

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"Knovel provided resources that documented a production hardware phenomenon we were trying to characterize for risk, which helped reduce uncertainty." Design Engineer, Global Defense Company

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