Knovel helps engineers in industry and academia achieve successful project completion

Engineers need trusted, accessible and relevant information and insights in order to create what’s next. For over 15 years, Knovel has helped thousands of engineers and researchers from hundreds of leading companies and institutions around the world increase productivity, improve education, minimize operational risk, reduce costs, and enhance business performance through successful product completion.

Chemical R&D and manufacturing

We help engineers and chemists develop and commercialize better chemical products, reduce operational and EHS risks, and optimize chemical manufacturing processes.

"Knovel helped me find critical pieces of information from a reliable source, which saved me from spending unnecessary time in the lab." James Elmont, Chemist, Global Specialty Chemicals Company

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Oil and gas

We help engineers, working in both upstream and downstream, improve production rates, reduce operating costs, adhere to oil and gas regulations and improve refinery operations.

"By using Knovel’s search menu, I was able to obtain the needed data in half the time." Environmental Engineer, BP

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Design & construction

We help engineers competitively plan and acquire new projects and answer the tough questions to help meet client expectations.

"I was able to confirm operating conditions and yields projected for a hydrothermal hydrolysis of biomass based on articles I found on Knovel. This led to a more efficient design of the clients process" Design Engineer, Global ED&C Firm

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Aerospace & defense

We help engineers deliver shorter timelines, reduce costs in MRO processes, and address the accelerating obsolescence of products and technologies head-on.

"Knovel resources provided the analytical solution to a situation that was outside my expertise, and allowed me to decide on the feasibility of the solution for future specification and procurement." Project Engineer

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Equipment manufacturing

We help engineers achieve operational excellence, innovate and create real value above and beyond machinery, and create what’s next.

"I found some information [using Knovel] about chemical reaction mechanisms which helped improve an in-house simulation tool" R&D Professional, Global Industry Equipment Manufacturer

Education & research

We help prepare students for future engineering careers in a technology-driven and globally competitive work environment.

"Knovel’s information and interactive tools provide real value to students." Head of Engineering Library at Nanyang, Technological University

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Knovel users by job functions and title

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Knovel users' job functions (n=2,300 surveyed users)
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Knovel users' job titles (n=2,300 surveyed Knovel users)

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