Substances & material databases built by experts

Spanning across mechanical to chemical properties data, corrosion data, coatings information and material properties, Knovel’s unique databases are developed by in-house and 3rd party industry and engineering experts to provide exceptionally effective and convenient ways to access hard-to-find data.

Critical tables

Available to all Knovel subscribers, this resource includes—but is not limited to—physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties. The physical property tables alone include over 21,000 inorganic and organic compounds, and pure substances. Recommended resource for developing information competencies for chemistry undergraduates.

Aluminum alloy database

Available to subscribers of the Metal and Metallurgy content offering, this resource is a comprehensive summary of physical and mechanical properties and composition of wrought and cast aluminum alloys, compiled from published and unpublished data sources. Author: J. Gilbert Kaufman.

Magnesium alloy database

Available to subscribers of the Metal and Metallurgy content offering, this resource contains physical and mechanical properties data for magnesium alloys compiled from an array of reliable published and unpublished sources. Data for over 60 commercially available alloys in di‑erent tempers and product forms are included. Author: J. Gilbert Kaufman.

Optical and filter glass database

Available to subscribers of the Optics & Photonics content offering, this is a comprehensive resource of optical and ­lter glass property data compiled from 16 manufacturers worldwide. Optical, mechanical and chemical property data for more than 1,700 commercially available optical and ­lter glasses are included.

Titanium alloy database

Available to subscribers of the Metal and Metallurgy content offering, this is a comprehensive compilation of mechanical and physical properties for over 80 well-known wrought and cast commercial titanium alloys in a variety of production conditions at various temperatures. Author: J. Gilbert Kaufman

Crude oil assay database

Available to subscribers of the Oil & Gas Engineering content offering, this is a compilation of key physical and chemical properties for over 300 crude oils. The data includes over 4,000 records covering composition, key properties, kinematic viscosity, hydrocarbon composition, distillation, thermal properties and fuel indices. Author: James G. Speight

Yaws’ critical property data for chemical engineers and chemists

Available to Oil & Gas Engineering and Chemistry & Chemical Engineering content offering subscribers, this provides access to properties for 35,000+ organic substances and over 5,000 inorganic substances and elements. The largest bank of correlations online, this compilation features measured and calculated data, validated by subject matter experts. Author: Carl L. Yaws, Ph.D

Materials & Substance Databases

Polymer matrix composites database

Available as a stand-alone database, this is a comprehensive, essential decision support resource that helps companies design aircraft parts from composites and select composite materials in the engineering design and development process. It delivers a unique and exclusive compilation of tensile, shear, flexural, compressive and impact properties data of composites, including data for 100+ prepregs (uncured precursors for laminates) in cured and uncured states, matrix resins and fiber reinforcement. Sources include NCAMP and AGATE databases and Composite Materials Handbook-17.

The engineering expertise behind Knovel

Founded by engineers in 2001, Knovel has grown from a handful of product visionaries to an industry leading solution that is backed by 120+ content partners and continuous, strategic investment in online technologies

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