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Effective material selection to prevent corrosion

No industry is untouched by the problem of corrosion. Over time, structures and equipment inevitably start to deteriorate, which can then pose serious health and safety risks — not to mention the high costs that come with fixing the problem.
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May 2017 – Using Knovel in Upstream Oil and Gas: A Case Study on Improving Crude Flow

In this webinar, learn how an engineer uses Knovel to scale-up production to increase crude flow in a pilot facility.

April 2017 – A Case Study: Using Knovel for cost saving chemical equipment requalification

In this webinar, learn how a lead chemical resident engineer uses Knovel to find cost saving opportunities by identifying components that can be reclaimed when production needs change.

March 2017 – Let the GAMES begin - Spring 2017 Engineering Academic Challenge

The Engineering Academic Challenge is back! In this webinar, learn how this five-week challenge gives engineering professors, instructors, students and librarians around the world the chance to integrate real-world engineering problem-solving into their STEM education communities, by immersing themselves in a practical problem-solving environment, and more!

January 2017 - Knovel: Content and tools support your cost-saving needs

In this webinar, learn how Knovel helped a large engineering ED&C company meet the cost-saving needs of their client and deliver ahead of schedule.

November 2016 – Fundamentals of Project Management

In this webinar, hear from Joe Heagney MS, president of QMA International LLC, and the author of the best-selling Fundamentals of Project Management, and learn how best to navigate the ins and outs of every aspect of this complex discipline, including creating a project risk plan, managing change requests, and more.

October 2016 - Improving the Odds: Managing Complex Program Risks

In this webinar, hear from Tom Kendrick, PMP, MBA, MSEE, Program Director UC Berkeley Extension and author of How to Manage Complex Programs (AMACOM 2016), and Identifying and Managing Project Risk, Third Edition (AMACOM 2015), and learn how to understand program complexity and manage the risks that originate above, below and within major programs.

July 2016 – Six Sigma Resources in Knovel

In this webinar, learn how to maximize your ROI in Lean Six Sigma using Knovel’s resources, including case studies, practical guides, Excel templates, handbooks, and more.

June 2016 – Solving Chemical Process Design Problems with Knovel

In this webinar, learn how an engineer can use Knovel to identify the cause of a slow leak of a raw feedstock material, Acrylonitrile, which is being piped into a mixing tank to make the common plastic material ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), and address potential risks.

May 2016 – Knovel for the Oil and Gas industry

In this webinar, learn how to determine the flow-rate when sizing a pipeline for natural gas and how to find sources for crude by country of origin for a specific cut type using Knovel's Crude Oil Assay Database.

April 2016 – Solving your mechanical problems with Knovel Interactive Equations

In this webinar, learn how to find maximum deflection with specific requirements in a beam using Knovel Interactive Equations.

March 2016 – Finding actionable answers to everyday engineering problems

In this webinar, learn the best ways to search for answers in Knovel, leverage interactive tools such as Interactive Equations and Unit Converter, and more.

February 2016 – Knovel for engineering effectiveness

In this webinar, learn how to become more effective in planning and executing projects, and discover the dozens of prime project management resources contained in Knovel.