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The following videos provide a snapshot of Knovel’s powerful capabilities.

Knovel overview

Discover how Knovel helps engineers find technical answers and insights in less time.

My Knovel

Find out how My Knovel enables engineers to always be in close proximity to the answers they need – on the go, and from anywhere around the world.

Search in Knovel

Learn how Knovel provides smart search capabilities that enable faster engineering information discovery and data analysis.

Knovel's Steam Calculators

Discover how Knovel's Steam Calculators help you quickly and efficiently calculate water's thermodynamic properties under full range of thermodynamic variables and operating conditions.

Material property search

Discover how the new Knovel helps engineers discover even more property and chemical interaction information from technical references and materials databases.

Interactive tools

Knovel provides interactive tools that enable engineers to access a wide array of essential information and interactive tools, helping them to quickly determine the best path forward. Learn how.

Interactive equations

Find out how Knovel’s interactive equation help engineers to efficiently pinpoint material and substance property data.

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