Knovel FAQs

Looking for specific information, such as what makes Knovel superior to other engineering solutions or how
Knovel’s search is unique? Discover the answer to these questions and more.

What type of content can be found in Knovel?

Knovel content includes process and design information, best practice insights, interactive graphs and tables, material and substance properties data, and equations and formulations for specific industries and engineering disciplines.

How can I bring Knovel to my organization?

To obtain a price quote, please complete the "Contact Sales" form, and a member of our sales team will contact you within 48 hours. You may also request a demonstration to learn whether Knovel is the right solution for your organization, and we have instructional resources that highlight how engineers use Knovel to find answers to technical questions.

Flexible pricing is available for Knovel based on subject area coverage and number of users. Enterprise subscription packages begin at $7,500. (Please note that Knovel does not sell individual e-book titles or offer subscriptions to individuals.)

I’m an existing customer and need help accessing or using Knovel. Where can I find useful information or contact details?

Knovel has an online support center that explains many of our features and functions in more depth. We also have video demonstrations and overviews below, to help users make the most of Knovel. For additional product support, please contact our Customer Support Team.

What makes Knovel’s search unique?

Knovel’s specialized search functionality is simple yet powerful, built upon a deep understanding of the engineer’s ‘language’ to deliver relevant results. It finds data hidden in tables, graphics and equations, allows numeric range search, automatically performs unit conversion and performs multivariable searches.

What are Knovel Tools?

Knovel offers easy-to-use tools such as Knovel Interactive Equations and Unit Converter for initial calculations and information validation, as well as over 100,000 interactive graphs and tables that allow users to customize data before integrating into their work.

How does Knovel integrate with existing information discovery platforms?

In large organizations, Knovel content is made searchable and discoverable through APIs and widgets that integrate with user desktops and enterprise discovery platforms and applications.

How does Knovel integrate with other engineering tools and applications?

Knovel plug-ins and add-ins are available for Excel and select Autodesk software programs. This helps ensure that Knovel subscribers can export and access critical technical data at key points in their workflow.

Is Knovel mobile-enabled?

Knovel also has a mobile tablet reader, called My Knovel ToGo, that is included with a subscription to Knovel.
Learn more about My Knovel ToGo (PDF, 1.9mb)

Is Knovel easy to manage for large organizations with users in multiple locations?

Knovel offers many options to customize a subscription for an organization’s interest, an intuitive platform experience that requires minimal training, flexible authentication methods and best-in-class reporting capabilities among many things.

Who uses Knovel?

Knovel has a large and loyal user base in top universities from over 40 countries, as well as organizations with heavy engineering information needs from the Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Engineering Design & Construction and Aerospace & Defense industries. Our engineering users span multiple disciplines and work in functions, such as Design Engineering, Process and Production, R&D, Quality Control and more.

Who is the team behind Knovel?

Knovel’s product team is composed of engineers, content publishers and software development managers who work together on product strategy, functional design, search logic and technical integrations. Product managers also work with external design partners, advisors and content partners to develop Knovel.

Does Knovel provide an annually updated VPAT for Section 508 compliance?

Yes, each year our website and VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) is reviewed to document our conformance with the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The current VPAT can be viewed and downloaded here - Download file (PDF, 269.1 KB).