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Knovel’s search capabilities help engineers to easily perform data-related searches and narrow down queries into more targeted results, so you can more immediately find and apply engineering equations and validated data points to solve your operational challenges.

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  • 130+ of the world’s most trusted engineering information content providers, including Wiley, ASM International and AASHTO.
  • 40+ technical reference and premium content offerings that can be tailored to an organization’s unique requirements
  • Curated content based on customer and industry needs – Knovel’s internal team of engineers know what information you depend upon
  • Unique features and databases that support material selection, operational improvements and more
  • Interactive equations, graphs, tools that provide answers and insights on feasibility and suitability – save time with ready-built interactive tools

Customer story - Search, Accelerated Discovery, How Knovel Works | Elsevier Solutions

Knovel search capabilities helped a specialty chemical company reduce analytical lab budgets

"Knovel helped me find critical pieces of information from a reliable source, which saved me from spending unnecessary time in the lab." James Elmont, Chemist

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