Interactive, customizable engineering tools

Knovel provides engineers with the easy-to-use tools they need to perform initial calculations and information validation, along with interactive content that allows users to:

  • Boost productivity using interactive data, analytical tools and validated equations
  • Customize data before integrating it into their work
  • Manipulate and extract data for further analysis
  • Answer questions based on specific scenarios and conditions
  • Efficiently pinpoint material and substance property data for specific scenarios and conditions

What's inside Knovel?

  • Property tables of >21,000 compounds and substances
  • >1,000 equations paired with worked examples
  • Unit converter for >1,000 unique units for ~90 properties
  • >100,000 interactive tables and graphs with live data

Customer stories - Interactive Tools, Accelerated Discovery, How Knovel Works |Elsevier Solutions

"Knovel not only makes available many of engineering’s sacred texts but also includes interactive tools that can extract data from tables, charts, graphs and mathematical equations to shorten the time spent on looking up information and testing ‘what if ’ scenarios." Aerospace & Defense Engineer

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