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Essential answers

Premium and technical reference content that provides the best answers and insights

Knovel accelerates your discovery of answers and insights from technical reference content sourced from over 140+ providers — so you can more quickly tap into must-have resources. Instead of limiting search to narrow fields of expertise, searches in Knovel scan across the widest multidisciplinary areas, with each offering drilling down across multiple sources to deliver all relevant data, including full-text content, equations, materials and substances data, and interactive charts and graphs.

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"Being able to do research on a little-known topic to determine a best path forward in a relatively short period of time translates to projects moving to execution faster and in turn produces cost efficiencies." Process Engineer

Discover Knovel’s unique engineering content offerings and materials databases.

Accelerated discovery

Engineering search capabilities that accelerate discovery of the best answers and insights

Engineers are constantly searching for information to answer critical questions, where time is of the essence. The quicker they find them, the quicker projects can move forward and problems can be resolved with confidence. Knovel offers discovery and search capabilities that let you easily perform data-related searches and narrow down your queries into more targeted results, so you can more immediately find and apply engineering equations and validated data points to solve your operational challenges.

"The depth of knowledge available and the ease of access makes Knovel a valuable resource. In my profession, being able to search for precise information quickly is a necessity, as my customers expect timely problem resolution." Engineering, Design & Construction Engineer

Discover Knovel’s unique search and interactive tools capabilities.

Continuous access

Engineering information anytime, anywhere it’s needed

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Engineers are no longer tied to a desk, they're in the field and in the lab, and need to solve problems on the spot. They need a digital tool that can go where they go, is compatible with their other solutions and is always available.

That’s why Knovel created the Knovel ToGo app to deliver the mobile capabilities that modern engineers demand. Knovel's free mobile application ensures engineers have access to answers and insights when and where they need them — across devices, on-the-go, online and offline.

"Thanks to Knovel, gone are the days when engineers had to pack dozens of personal notebooks for reference on overseas jobs. Knovel lets this engineer easily search online for needed data – no matter where he is." Turnover engineer

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Hear from our customers

Knovel has helped thousands of engineers and researchers from leading companies and institutions around the world.

Discover how Knovel helps them enhance research and productivity, achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and time to market, and build expertise by providing them with the know-how and tools to unearth and seize opportunities.

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Discover how Knovel provides Donaldson’s researchers and engineers with information that inspires insights in the lab that leads to innovation.

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Helping a large Oil and Gas company to wisely manage its resources

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Learn how a large oil and gas company used Knovel to reinforce their tradition of thinking creatively about industry challenges resulting in improved productivity, increased innovation and smart resource management.
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