Actionable engineering tools & search

Knovel provides users with smarter search capabilities and interactive content and engineering tools that enable faster engineering information discovery and data analysis, including specialized data search and custom taxonomies.

Knovel’s specialized search is simple yet powerful, built upon a deep understanding of the engineer’s ‘language’ so that it delivers more relevant results. It finds data hidden in tables, graphics and equations, allows numeric range search, automatically performs unit conversion and performs multivariable searches.

Data search

Knovel’s data search allows users to find specific types of properties data for materials and substances, while on-the-fly unit conversion makes it easy to search in your preferred units.

Multi-faceted search

Knovel’s basic search results views offers multifaceted refinement options for easy discovery of related insights across content types and resources.

Interactive engineering tools and content

Knovel offers easy-to-use engineering tools for initial calculations and information validation, along with interactive content that allows users to customize data before integrating into their work

Interactive equations

With Knovel, engineers use equations suitable for specifi­c applications, paired with worked examples and ready-to-use calculation software, to solve problems faster.

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Interactive tables and graphs

With 100,000+ interactive content objects, Knovel allows engineers to manipulate and extract data for further analysis.

Unit converter

Knovel provides a unit converter with approximately 1,000 built-in units for use with over 80 engineering properties.

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Knovel enhances project management

Knovel Enhances Project Management | Elsevier

Managing projects efficiently and effectively is a critical challenge of any engineering organization – whether it’s updating processes, introducing new products to market or aligning resources. Discover how Knovel can inform engineering projects from initiation to completion.

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The engineering expertise behind Knovel

Founded by engineers in 2001, Knovel has grown from a handful of product visionaries to an industry leading solution that is backed by 120+ content partners and continuous, strategic investment in online technologies.

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