Achieve Chemical Production Growth
and Market Differentiation without Eroding Margins

Knovel is an engineering decision-support solution that helps companies develop competitive chemical products while mitigating production and manufacturing risks, and achieving optimal production levels.

With search and analysis tools that deliver best practice and technical application insights, validated equations, materials and substances properties data from 120+ providers, Knovel helps engineers innovate and solve a range of technical problems, including process design, heat transfer, coatings for corrosion prevention, process hazard analysis, mitigation of environmental impact, industrial hygiene, safety and energy efficiency.

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The Materials Revolution is Here: How Are You Keeping Up?

Is your organization properly leveraging materials innovation and applications? Find out how you compare to top industry performers and get new ideas to drive commercially successful new product development, and more.

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Effectively Reduce EHS & Compliance Risk with Knovel

Industries that rely on chemicals and materials need to continuously monitor for potential environmental, health and safety risks. Having the right tools in place that can deliver safety and sustainability, as well as commercial success, is essential.

Hear from Knovel customers who have relied on Knovel's targeted technical information and interactive tools to develop new products and processes while still meeting strict regulatory demands.

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Effectively Reduce EHS & Compliance Risk with Knovel

Enhance New Product Development with Improved Engineering Outcomes

Enhance New Product Development with Improved Engineering Outcomes

When it comes to getting new products to market faster, enabling engineers with the right information and resources can make a significant impact.

Hear from Knovel customers how Knovel’s powerful discovery and analytical tools helped to reduce time and costs when developing new projects, products and processes.

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Enhance New Product Development with Improved Engineering Outcomes

Are you an Alpha Innovator of the Year?

Alpha Moments in the Chemical Industry – An Epoxy Resin for the Commercial Market

Discover how a principal research scientist at a major specialty chemical company used Knovel to identify high-performance polymers with the right properties, and created a new commercial concept.

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Food Safety in Chemical Processing

Learn how an engineer leverages Knovel to ensure safety in selecting a sanitizer for food additive processing.

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