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Knovel provides general reference and best practice insights, process and design applications, material and substance properties data, and equations for specific engineering disciplines.

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Engage Users with Innovative Tools

Knovel provides interactive tools for initial calculations, engineering-focused and data search features, mobile capabilities and integrations with engineering software and applications.

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A Game-based Learning Approach to Information Literacy

Learn how Drexel University incorporated the 2015 Knovel Academic Challenge to improve students’ understanding of technical concepts, critical thinking, cognitive monitoring and creative problem solving.

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A Game-based Learning Approach to Information Literacy - Academic | Elsevier

2016 Engineering Academic Challenge - Knovel in Academia | Elsevier

2016 Engineering Academic Challenge

In 2016, Elsevier's Knovel and Engineering Village Compendex databases will partner for the Engineering Academic Challenge, integrating both products. Faculty and librarians can use the game to prepare students for skillful, efficient problem solving through game-based learning.

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What Our Customers Say

The following customer interviews highlight how Knovel offers a distinct advantage for students, faculty, librarians and researchers.

[Knovel] is very precise, particularly in data searching, where it goes down to the cell level in a table.

Ben Wagner, Subject Specialist at the University of Buffalo.

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Ben Wagner - Knovel in Academia | Elsevier

[Employers expect the] ability to work in project mode using specialized tools from anywhere in the world…Knovel enables students to become familiar with this type of approach.

Jean-Marie Barbiche, Head of Library for Ecole Centrale Paris.

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Jean-Marie Barbiche - Knovel in Academia | Elsevier

Used by Experts Across the Globe

Knovel is used by hundreds of thousands of professors, researchers and engineering students from top engineering schools worldwide, including top universities around the world for Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering.

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Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

Knovel provides engineers with a faster and easier way to discover and share relevant answers across users in multiple locations. It offers 40+ technical reference and premium content offerings, an intuitive platform experience that requires minimal training, flexible authentication methods and best-in-class reporting capabilities.

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The Knowledge Behind Knovel

Founded by engineers in 2001, Knovel has grown from a handful of product visionaries to an industry leading solution that is backed by 120+ content partners and continuous, strategic investment in online technologies.

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The Knowledge Behind Knovel