AMEC: Developing "well-substantiated designs" using Knovel's trusted information

Knovel provides high-integrity information enabling AMEC engineers to develop well-substantiated designs.

As a global leader in engineering, project management and consulting, AMEC delivers profitable, safe and sustainable projects and services for industries that include oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment and infrastructure. Jacek Morawski, AMEC’s Director of Engineering for Oil Sands and Natural Resources Americas trusts Knovel to help his organization ensure the technical integrity of their work.

Interview with Jacek Morawski, AMEC - Knovel | Elsevier


Engineers at AMEC needed high-integrity industrial process and design information in order to ensure they produced well-substantiated designs. But in-house libraries and web-based Google searches — which they had no choice but to rely on — were insufficient.


To arm their global team with technical information that is globally accessible, up-to-date and trusted, AMEC chose Knovel. In addition, Knovel’s wide range of engineering and scientific content was in direct alignment with AMEC’s needs for engineering information, which according to Morawski, Pretty much [runs] the whole gamut. Several divisions at AMEC now use Knovel to provide engineers with the high-integrity industrial process and design information they need to continue producing their thoroughly-researched ideas.

Knovel is a big boost to productivity., AMEC - Knovel | Elsevier

Knovel is a big boost to productivity.

A Lead Engineer at AMEC


Access to Knovel paid immediate dividends. In an annual survey of over 150 engineers at AMEC, 87% reported that Knovel helps them in their work/projects. In particular, a Senior Industrial & Commercial Technologist notes that Knovel is a strong tool for engineers and technical personnel who want to spend less time/money in getting information that would impact productivity. And Morawski agrees: We’re happy with the quality of the material we’re able to access.

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