Non-Conventional Oil & Gas Company: Discovering a new solution to treat corrosion and reduce downtime and costs

Relying on Knovel leads to an unexpected discovery

Corrosion is a major concern for shale gas well equipment during low-throughput periods. Current standard methods are costly and lead to non-productive periods. Thanks to Knovel providing access to a broader range of resources, one process engineer found a new solution that reduced downtime and cost significantly.

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The standard solution to prevent corrosion is to render the environment of the equipment inert by draining all the fluids and replacing them with a non-reactive gas. Nitrogen is the typical choice for large refineries. However, despite its wide availability, the cost of draining and refilling the system is significant. Besides the cost of the nitrogen, the drained system is non-productive. One engineer was tasked with finding a better solution.

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The process engineer turned to Knovel to investigate current thinking on corrosion prevention and the maintenance of this and similar types of equipment. With Knovel, he quickly found technical reference information that covered all aspects of the case. Interestingly, he found considerable evidence that draining all fluids was not necessary. While it is true that corrosion is reduced by the exclusion of oxygen, he found that this does not have to be done by replacing fluids with dry gas. Rather, it is also possible to replace corrosive fluids (such as seawater) with benign ones (such as fresh water).

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Knovel provided ideas for a new solution that now saves the company almost $250k per year.


Using Knovel, the engineer discovered ideas he had not previously known about. This helped the company develop a new solution that would keep the equipment running during periods of low throughput while vastly reducing the risk of corrosion. Plus, the company saved almost a quarter of a million US dollars per year on process chemical and nitrogen costs — which represented a substantial savings. The new solution was only discovered because of the extensive data and information available in Knovel.

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