Developing design and installation specifications for safety relief valves

Knovel helps a chemical engineer recommend safety improvements in a manufacturing plant

A consulting group within a large manufacturing company assigned a chemical engineer to develop up-to-date specifications for the design and installation of safety valves to improve safety at a manufacturing plant. The engineer used Knovel to obtain accurate data on the chemicals processed at the facility, as well as the materials used in the existing valves, justifying the replacement of valves throughout the plant.

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A subsidiary of a multinational chemical company sought to develop a design specification and installation procedure for safety relief valves. In order to ensure that each valve was installed and tested correctly, a chemical engineer was assigned to develop a clear set of procedures for the design and installation of future valves.


The chemical engineer turned to Knovel, which provided extensive data on the compatibilities of the chemicals being processed, the specific types of steel used in the valves and the safety parameters established in previous studies. He was able to obtain quantitative data on the behavior of titanium oxide powder throughout every stage of production, as well as on necessary safety precautions for processing this compound. He also used Knovel to find schematics for the construction of similar API valves, along with descriptions of their tolerances, of the two particular types of stainless steel used in valves in the plant.

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During the plant refurbishment, the company implemented the report’s recommendations, significantly improving the plant’s safety.


Using the information gathered from Knovel, the engineer prepared a safety report for each type of valve. His report provided justifications for replacing five percent of the pressure relief valves in the plant—an expenditure of more than $1 million. During the plant refurbishment, the company implemented the recommendations, improving the plant’s safety. By performing the preventative maintenance recommended by the engineer, the organization reduced risks to its employees and to the surrounding ecosystems.

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This successful assessment led to similar analyses and improvements in other company facilities.

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