Donaldson: Boosting R&D and engineering outcomes with relevant information resources

Knovel provides Donaldson’s researchers and engineers with information that inspires insights in the lab and leads to innovation.

Donaldson has been a leader in enhancing industry performance since the company began in 1915. Today, Donaldson employs a workforce of 12,800 in over 100 locations and has expanded into such wide-ranging markets as aviation, agriculture, defense, electronics, manufacturing and renewable energy. Donaldson spends millions of dollars on research and development each year, as Library Manager Julie Eskritt knows well.

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Donaldson needed to empower their user community to innovate and solve problems. Yet with such a diversified R&D department, they needed resources to be available to all of their employees worldwide. They also needed best practice guidance in conducting experiments, advances in material science and adhesives, and much more.


When I saw the kind of resources that were available [through Knovel]…the fact that I could make these resources available to all of our employees worldwide…was something we couldn’t pass up, Eskritt says. Since then, engineers and researchers have consistently cited the reliable content, breadth, industry specific relevance and targeted searchability as reasons why they feel Knovel delivers the best available solution. Their passion for Knovel is also evident in the staff’s usage patterns: 65% of employees use Knovel daily.

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[A] lot of times...we come across a new problem but there might be some literature behind it [at Knovel] that we can use to speed up our time for development and trials.

Brian Parker, Quality Manager

Over the years, Donaldson employees have recognized how vital Knovel is to their success. One quality manager notes that the Knovel conversion table is the first place I go now when I have to do conversions to different units.

Donaldson is one of the leading filtration companies in the world because they constantly strive to be better. Creative innovation isn’t just what they were founded on, it’s what put them on top. To stay there they require the most current, most reliable information they can get. And they know they’ve found it in Knovel.

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