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Knovel supports greater efficiency in finding and maintaining technical knowledge to help achieve optimal design and development.

Before joining the company, this turnover engineer at a large Engineering, Construction and Project Management Company worked on two continents serving as both a civil and a mechanical engineer. With over 30 years of experience in construction and project/quality management, he knows first-hand how important reliable technical information is in addressing issues such as facility start-up, project cost estimating, scheduling and planning, and finding the most up-to-date code requirements.

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Throughout his career, this engineer has visited facilities around the globe, packing stacks of personal notebooks and handbooks filled with the basic information needed to get his job done. He estimates that he’s spent thousands of dollars in shipping costs out of his own pocket just to have access to the data that is so vital to his work. Yet the hardcopy references he transported across thousands of miles not only required him to set aside numerous hours to pore through them by hand, they frequently didn’t have the desired information. Even when they did, the data was often out of date. He needed to reduce costs, streamline his travel and easily access the current, reliable, top-quality information he needs to do his job.


Knovel’s reliability and high-speed search results ensure that the engineer gets exactly what he needs when he needs it. The search function is his favorite feature especially the accuracy and quickness of it, he says. To be of business value, the data must be searched with very little margin of error. And thanks to the broad spectrum of engineering disciplines supported by Knovel, neither the engineer nor his coworkers have to worry that they won’t find what they need — even if the focus of their work changes.

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Every time I have used Knovel to look for an answer, checked for industry or tribal knowledge to understand or enhance code requirements, or just needed an insight on a subject, Knovel has met the need, saved time by staying on the right track, and done so quickly and accurately.

Turnover Engineer


Using Knovel allows the engineer to find the wide range of answers he needs from anywhere on the planet. He relies on Knovel to review data about loss prevention, safe work practices, design safety, state of the art technology, construction codes, compliance issues and environmental regulations. And rather than having to wade through vast volumes of content looking for the data he needs, he counts on Knovel to take him right to the point.

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