Large oil and gas company: Enhancing effective management and innovative thinking to generate profitable outcomes

Knovel reinforces a large oil and gas company’s tradition of thinking creatively about challenges in the industry and wisely managing its resources.

One of the world’s largest independent oil and gas companies has held firmly to two principles during its climb from regional oil company to global force in oil and gas exploration and production: effective management and innovative thinking. With a team focused on profitable growth and committed to safe and environmentally responsible operations, this multi-billion dollar company has built significant operations in many of the world’s major oil and gas producing regions.

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The company needed to supply employees with the most reliable, up-to-date information available. This information is essential to running facilities around the world and keeping employees abreast of industry developments. And yet, according to one of its compliance reassurance specialists, most Web searches still take a lot longer than you have time for and only find you bits and pieces.


By contrast, the same compliance reassurance specialist said that with Knovel, you have all [the information] in one place. That kind of easily accessible information is essential for him to do his job, much of which he describes as regulatory based, requiring an understanding of regulations, how they apply to operations and understanding what those operations are from a technical perspective. He also uses Knovel to develop training curricula, and since he supports a range of disciplines that may not be in the area of his expertise, he uses Knovel to make sure that [he] fully understand[s] the subject material and to ensure his training “will relate to [his] audience.” As a result, his use of Knovel doesn’t just help him — it helps the whole company.

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[I use Knovel] to make sure that I fully understand the subject material.

Compliance Assurance Specialist


Using Knovel has helped the company’s entire staff in digging deeper and discovering more — in every sense. One reservoir engineer uses Knovel regularly as a reference tool. He says it gives him quicker access to the reference material he needs, saving him considerable time as he works through projects. Another senior engineer, who previously worked as a university professor, says it’s a great tool to find answers and it’s a good first place to look for material on a variety of subjects important to the professionals. For this industry-leading company to continue its expansive and innovative traditions into the next century, it will need to harness information the same way it has petroleum. And it knows that to achieve that, there is no better partner than Knovel.

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