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In these interviews, engineers and chemists from chemical companies of all types and sizes discuss how Knovel helped them to develop and commercialize better chemical products, reduce operational downtime and EHS risks, optimize chemical manufacturing processes, and save millions of dollars.

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Safety Relief Valves - Knovel | Elsevier

Making informed safety recommendations with Knovel

Tasked with updating specs for the design and installation of safety relief valves, a chemical engineer used Knovel to find accurate data to help make safety recommendations.

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Improving Employee Safety - Knovel | Elsevier

Improving employee safety at a chemical manufacturing plant

When an engineer was asked to determine hazard levels in a chemical manufacturing facility, and then develop procedures for addressing safety issues, she turned to Knovel.

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Developing company-wide guidelines for preventing dust explosions - Solution story Knovel | Elsevier

Creating maximum safety at a minimum cost

A global chemicals firm needed to create guidelines to prevent explosions from combustible dust, so they turned to Knovel for documentation and insights – saving $30,000 in the process.

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Preventing corrosion in an acetic acid tank, Customer stories, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Preventing corrosion in an acetic acid tank

A chemical company noticed a corrosion problem in some metal tanks where the tanks were exposed to vapor, but not liquid. The team leveraged the vast repository of chemical data on Knovel. See how they solved the problem — and prevented disaster.

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Global Specialty Chemical Company, Customer stories, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Reducing analytical lab budgets during the assessment process to eliminate design of experiments

A chemist used Knovel to find and evaluate high performance, cost effective and biodegradable polymers within budget, eliminating 60% of materials ideas before the stage gate process, resulting in significant savings.

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Specialty Chemical Company - Oil and Gas, Customer stories, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Using Knovel to transform an unprofitable product into a profitable one

A process engineer uses Knovel to find key substance property data all in one location and equations to solve for overall facility energy needs – making a product profitable and reducing cycle time by 32%.

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Global Diversified Chemicals Company - Oil and Gas, Customer stories, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

Global diversified chemicals company updates automation systems and saves investment costs

With Knovel, an engineer found the critical information to back up his belief that a planned upgrade of automation systems was unnecessary, avoiding considerable expense and downtime.

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