Oil and gas drilling company: Streamlining a major bottleneck in data processing

How one engineer brought a smart solution to life with the help of Knovel

When hundreds of pieces of sensitive equipment need to be calibrated, the volume of the data to be processed can create a significant bottleneck. However, a considerable part of the calibration process can be automated. Knovel’s extensive resources can help engineers create programs then calculate the data automatically, saving work hours and money.

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With over 400 progressive cavity pumps to be tested every year, a multinational corporation involved in gas drilling and production and equipment manufacturing was investing over 1,200 hours in data entry and computation related to calibration. As part of a larger project to improve the delivery and maintenance of pumps, one design engineer wanted to see if this task could be streamlined.


Using Knovel, the engineer was able to easily write a program to automate the handling of the calibration data and use Matlab to create a graphic user interface (GUI). With Knovel, he could instantly find and compare code examples, define the optimal approach and quickly locate the Matlab manuals. The resulting program receives and processes testing data (pressure, flow, motor voltage and amperage) and automatically creates the certified calibration curve, exporting it with the pump data as a PDF.

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Information from Knovel helped to resolve a major bottleneck in the company’s data processing.


Before the program was created, each pump required about 3 hours to calibrate. With the program, it now takes 10 minutes — saving the company an astonishing 1,133 work hours per year and USD 110K. By relying on Knovel, the engineer was able to bring his idea to life and streamline a major bottleneck in data processing.

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Knovel made it much easier for the engineer to write the program and design the GUI.

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