Global diversified chemicals company updates automation systems and saves investment costs

The right information prevents unnecessary expenses when performing safety regulation-driven automation upgrades

After a process hazard analysis, a diversified chemicals company believed that an upgrade of automation systems was needed. However, using the comprehensive resources in Knovel, the engineer in charge could successfully implement a second assessment that showed the expensive upgrade could be avoided.

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Upgrading a manufacturing plant is a cost-intensive process, so if savings can be made without risking non-compliance, this is very welcome. One chemicals company believed that modernizing its nitrogen fertilizer plants would involve upgrades to automation systems, with costs estimated at $1.5 per plant. The engineer in charge believed that the systems might already comply with federal regulations, but needed evidence to prove this.


The engineer turned to Knovel, knowing that it contains comprehensive technical and safety information from recommended sources. The resources included codes, code application documents, engineering cases and safety conference proceedings. The engineer also found details for standard layer of protection analyses (LOPA) A and B, with application examples and a walkthrough. Using Knovel meant that the engineer only needed to go to one source to test his hypothesis.

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Using Knovel saved several weeks in research because the application examples and walkthroughs were all available together with source publications.


The engineer has stated that using Knovel saved several weeks in research because all the material was available in one place. He determined that the automation systems in question already met the mandated safety requirements. The successful implementation of LOPA approach B is attributed to the clear and comprehensive information available in Knovel. The company saved money and avoided operational downtime because upgrades were not needed.

Quote - Knovel customer story | Elsevier Solutions

With quick access to this valuable information in Knovel, the engineer was able to save his company considerable investment costs.

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