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For thousands of engineers at BP, Knovel is an always-on, unified and integratedresource that ensures the technical information needed for vital advances and challenging problems are easily accessible.

Operating worldwide, BP explores, produces, refines and distributes a variety of energy sources, chief among them, oil and gas. They employ over 80,000 people with six brands and three key business segments in over 80 countries. BP’s Director of Global Engineering Standards leads a small team that travels the globe to ensure that engineers throughout the organization understand how to easily access accepted standards, best practices and other technical and engineering information.

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BP needed to enable different business units to respond effectively to opportunities in the marketplace. To serve the multidisciplinary needs of global project teams, BP needed a resource offering the reference information necessary for employees to perform their many varied functions across diverse business units. Because of BP’s scope, the information also needed to be available to multiple users — around the world and around the clock.


Employees across all of BP are now able to access Knovel. It provides timely and accurate information that engineers and other employees can use as the basis of thoughtful discussion in their research and business efforts. Knovel not only makes available many of engineering’s sacred texts, says the director, but also includes interactive tools that can extract data from tables, charts, graphs and mathematical equations to shorten the time spent on looking up information and testing ‘what if’ scenarios. The results provide a wealth of useful information across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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By using Knovel’s search menu, I was able to obtain the needed data in half the time.

Environmental Engineer at BP


As a strictly online collection, Knovel allows BP to be more nimble when it comes to research and development. It also ensures that vital advances and challenging problems will not remain unresolved for lack of easily accessible technical information. So whether an employee is working at a refinery, on alternative energies such as wind, solar and bio-fuel, or at a research facility, they are able to rely on Knovel as a standardized knowledge base for engineering and research. One environmental engineer figures that he saves several hours a month compiling technical data using Knovel: [Without Knovel], the process would be long and tedious.

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