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Around the globe, Arup has found Knovel to be a cost-effective solution for the whole firm.

Arup first opened its doors in the mid-20th century, but it’s certainly come a long way from when it was just a small team of civil and structural engineers. Today, Arup has over 10,000 employees in more than 81 offices in 31 countries. Information Systems Manager Julian Dawson believes that knowledge tools like Knovel are fundamental in underpinning [Arup’s] knowledge and skill networks.

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As part of Arup’s strong information-sharing ethos, it was critical to ensure that each of its offices worldwide had access to the same reliable technical resources. They needed a solution that would save them time and increase productivity by allowing their staff to get the information they needed more quickly — and right from their desktop.


After using Knovel, the staff at Arup found that not only did they value the depth of searchable information but also the ease with which they could find precisely what they needed, such as a specific table. What’s more, since they could access all this information from wherever they were, remote locations or small offices were no longer at a disadvantage.

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Searching through Knovel makes it easy to find relevant information and helps me save time.

Jegan Thanapalasingam, Senior Infrastructure Engineer


Arup continues to depend on Knovel to connect engineers around the world with the essential information they need, saving time and boosting productivity. In particular, one London-based Arup engineer researches specific problems on jobs, such as finding an estimation of electromagnetic shielding provided by a modular walling solution. With Knovel, he can create a simple spreadsheet to assess the performance of various materials in less time. Another Arup engineer uses Knovel to search for information — retrieving immediate results. Instead of searching for a handbook, I search for a topic and it feeds me various results which are very related to what I want.

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