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Knovel empowers the engineering research of hundreds of organizations, including the world's leading engineering, oil and gas, and chemical companies, and academic institutions.

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How Knovel helps engineers

We innovate by listening and learning from customers. Because we share the same goals as our customers, we ensure that Knovel delivers the greatest value in increasingly complex and competitive industries.

In these interviews, researchers involved in industry and academics share their experiences, focusing on how Knovel helped them solve key challenges in their work. Read interviews with scientists involved in:

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Engineers and their colleagues share how Knovel inspires insights that lead to innovation, supports their work, helps them find and share a wide range of answers from anywhere on the planet and more.

"When I saw the kind of resources that were available [through Knovel] … the fact that I could make these resources available to all of our employees worldwide…was something we couldn’t pass up." Julie Eskritt, Library Manager, Donaldson

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Oil and gas

Learn how engineers and project managers from leading global oil and gas companies use Knovel to identify the best and most cost-effective approach for overcoming bottlenecks, save time on projects, find answers and understand processes better than any basic web search, develop new solutions and reduce costs.

"Knovel not only makes available many of engineering’s sacred texts, but also includes interactive tools that can extract data from tables, charts, graphs and mathematical equations to shorten the time spent on looking up information and testing ‘what if’ scenarios. The results provide a wealth of useful information across a broad spectrum of disciplines." Director, BP

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Chemical R&D and manufacturing

Chemicals industry engineers discuss how Knovel helped them save weeks of research time, reduce costs, discover key substance property data, reduce or eliminate the need for other data sources, facilitate decision- making during the discovery process, and more.

"Knovel allowed me to vastly improve test scenarios, save time and reduce cost, while producing the much-needed answer to get production back on track both in terms of time, [and] in terms of making the product a viable option for our company." Jorge Martin*, Process Engineer

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Education and research

At universities around the globe, faculty and librarians discuss how they’re using Knovel to stay up to date on the most recent developments and complete their work, while also providing Knovel as a regular resource for engineering students, superior to mainstream search engines, to discover the data they need on their own – and preparing them for their future careers.

"I recommend Knovel to everyone. I think it’s important that we promote it. We want our students and staff to use it because it saves them time" Lynne Meehan, University College London

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