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Educate patients by sharing interactive information

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Educate with Online Interactive Patient Education

Educate your patients by sharing interactive information in the format they learn best, in their language and health literacy level, wherever they are.

Better understanding for better health

Educating patients with the right information, at the right time, using the right technology has the power to improve outcomes and transform healthcare. With Elsevier’s easy-to-use solutions, caregivers can share information on thousands of education topics covering conditions, tests, and treatments.

Trusted information

You can confidently share peer-reviewed, evidence-based, editorial information that is consistent with current medical practices and guidelines because it’s from a name you know and trust—Elsevier.

Mobile Patient Education

Mobile Patient Education Video

Anytime, anywhere

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your EHR and HIS platforms, so the information you disseminate to patients is documented in the health record and directly accessible to patients on your website or patient portal.


We account for different levels of comprehension with tailored print, video and interactive information. Our materials are written at a 5th to 8th grade reading level, and our Easy-to-Read education is written at a 4th grade reading level or below.

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Sample Diabetes Video

Communicating effectively with diverse patient populations

Latest white paper explores patient populations at risk for low health literacy, barriers to learning, and best practices to ensure effective communication.


People learn differently, teach them differently

As healthcare providers increasingly strive to provide more patient-centered care, more diverse and adaptable methods of communication are becoming an attractive option for patient education.

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Making Health literacy an organizational value

The system can be redesigned to accommodate the unpredictability of limited health literacy skills, but the lack of a clear-cut solution is the challenge. Not sure where–or why–to start?

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