Align your multidisciplinary team for coordinated, personalized care

As cancer treatments have become more holistic and integrated, care coordination across treatment modalities and supportive services is critical. In fact, gaps in care coordination can contribute to poor patient outcomes, reimbursement penalties, and an estimated $45B of waste in the U.S. health system1.

With ClinicalPath, you can support coordinated cancer treatment across your team as patients move through your care, for an aligned approach that fosters better clinical and financial outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Pathways

Supporting medical and radiation oncology care coordination

ClinicalPath in your workflow helps you deliver an evidence-based, multi-modality treatment experience for your oncologists and patients. You can:

  • Pre-populate patient data, such as cancer staging and prior treatment decisions, across treatment modalities to decrease data entry
  • Standardize referral points to support neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy
  • Share treatment plans between medical and radiation oncologists

To protect against gaps in care coordination, ClinicalPath also helps your team communicate by sending secure, action-driven messages to the next person in the workflow. For example, physicians can:

  • Send a secure message to the palliative care team for a late-stage patient
  • Send a patient screening request to the clinical research coordinator

You can also align the way your physicians, nurses and pharmacists provide cancer support for patients, with relevant content embedded in each branch of your treatment pathways, including:

  • Nursing decision support such as adverse event monitoring
  • Personalized treatment plans and patient education materials for patients and caregivers
  • Triage disposition and symptom management for oncology related symptoms

This well-coordinated approach supports your clinicians and patients in working together toward better outcomes, while protecting you against risky and costly gaps in care.

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1Berwick DM, et al. JAMA. 2012;307(14):1513–16.