From developing the pathways and implementing the portal to supporting your strategic objectives, learn about how ClinicalPath delivers a comprehensive and HIPAA compliant solution.

The How

Content Development

Content development

The pathways are collaboratively developed by the physicians from within the ClinicalPath network and led by academic and community-based co-chairs. These disease committees meet regularly to review and update the pathways for newly published data.

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The team works closely with each cancer center to ensure a successful implementation, including workflow analysis, regimen harmonization, EHR integration and onsite training.

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At Elsevier, we understand the critical need to protect sensitive data. ClinicalPath has instituted safeguards, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.  We are continually improving our infrastructure to facilitate information access while weighing the increasing demand for information security.

Payer Relations

Payer relations

ClinicalPath supports its network of cancer centers in their payer relations. ClinicalPath helps you demonstrate value and transparency to your payers and supports practices in participating in risk-based models.

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We are committed to providing your oncology care team with evidence-based clinical pathways, decision support tools and analytic services.

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