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ClinicalKey Student is an interactive education platform that supports students and faculty with trusted nursing content and comprehensive learning tools.

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This platform provides students with a wide range of nursing sources to enhance their studies. Faculty have access to materials to support their teaching, and can also support students by assigning content that supplements the curriculum and supports the learning process

Foundation capabilities

For Students

Help your students deepen their understanding by accessing core nursing content and interactive tools for studying and improving nursing knowledge with access to:

  • 90+ acclaimed Nursing  textbooks, covering 37 relevant Nursing specialties from Anatomy and Physiology to Public Health
  • 20 core Student Midwifery textbooks
  • 24,000+ high resolution images, unlocked and discoverable for visual learning.

Students can prepare for tests with study tools such as flashcards and collaborative exercises including note sharing.

Students can download the information they need whenever they need it across multiple devices.

For Faculty

Support faculty as they direct students to linked content helping them to find the right information and build their knowledge

Faculty can enhance lecture materials with access to copy right free images and direct links to content

Faculty can annotate critical passages within key texts and share with students

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The interactive medical education platform equipped with learning tools to support both students and faculty.

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For tips and video resources to help you study smarter with ClinicalKey Student.

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